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Multiple Intelligences

A fantastic quote reminding us that not everyone is ‘smart’ in the same way, and the need to cater for all different types of ‘smart’.

“It’s not how smart you are that matters, what really counts is how you are smart.”

~ Howard Gardner


Multiple Intelligences

There are a multitude of ways to determine your students’ learning profiles, including the way they see themselves as a learner, as well as their individual strengths. This provides an invaluable insight into how you can best engage individual students so that they can get the most out of their learning experience. One of the most popular ways of determining your learning style is through the theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Howard Gardner. To learn more about Multiple Intelligence theory, click here.

What Is Your Learning Style? Edutopia has designed a quiz to help you find out, based on Multiple Intelligences. Click here to take the quiz.

Birmingham Grid for Learning has developed this Multiple Intelligences quiz, which also contains audio options and presents the results in a different way to Edutopia. Click here to check out this quiz.

Accelerated Learning has developed another test based on Multiple Intelligences. I liked this one because it provides a bit of background information as well as a brief explanation of each of the multiple intelligences. Click here to take the test.