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Education Adjustments

Education Adjustments is an Education Queensland website that outlines what education adjustments are as well as how they can be implemented. It contains links to more specialised information about specific conditions that may require adjustments for students, as well as resources that can be used as a guide for planning and implementing adjustments.

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Teacher resource

This website is a collection of videos and documents to make classrooms more inclusive and to increase retention for historically under-represented students. It is curated by the Center for Applied Inclusive Teaching and Learning in Arts and Humanities (CAITLAH).

Physical As Anything

Physical as is written for teachers, schools, healthcare professionals, students and families.

What makes this resource so valuable?

It is endorsed by the NSW Department of Education and Communities and NSW Health.
It provides detailed descriptions of more than 50 conditions affecting school-aged children and young people. Importantly, it also describes the educational implications of each condition. All contributors are acknowledged as experts in their fields.

You will find information on:
Medical, developmental, psychological conditions of childhood and adolescence
Implications of each condition for a student’s education
Resources for teachers to assist in providing effective support to these students.