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Deep sea diving … in a wheelchair

This amazing talk by Sue Austin discusses the way in which our perception of a disability can be more limiting than the disability itself, and challenges us to overcome these prejudices, to see the experiences in a completely new way.


Beyond Worksheets, A True Expression of Student Learning

What does an inclusive classroom look like? Universal Design for Learning allows for multiple means of learning and of demonstrating knowledge. This article, Beyond Worksheets, A True Expression of Student Learning, presents a specific example of meaningful, student-centered learning activities, a fantastic approach for an inclusive classroom.

Principles to promote and protect the human rights of international students

The Race Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Helen Szoke, launched the ‘Principles to promote and protect the human rights of international students’ at the Australian International Education Conference on 4 October 2012. The Principles aim to enhance the safety and well-being of international students in Australia. The Race Discrimination Commissioner encourages all those working with international students to consider how these can be effectively adopted and implemented in the ongoing development of policies and services relating to international students.

Broadly, the Principles can be used:

  • as a guide for all organisations and government agencies that provide services to international students
  • to inform the ongoing development of policies and services relating to international students, and
  • to provide international students and their representative bodies with a guide on how their human rights can be better promoted and protected, to support their advocacy with governments, service providers and other agencies.

Click here to access this document.

The main thing

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

– Stephen Covey

This quote perfectly sums up the ‘big idea’ concept of inclusive education, that is, students working towards the same goal, but being flexible in the way in which they do so, according to their individual strengths and ability.